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Our society: environmental remediation, land and sea

Established in the early 80's on the initiative of a group of experts in the fight against hydrocarbon pollution in the marine environment, Servimar has been progressively making a name for itself for its quality of products and services receiving recognition in Italy and abroad.

Servimar was created to operate in the service of the companies that have always directed their efforts towards research and production of marine hydrocarbon. In addition, the company focuses on the management of equipment, directing resources towards the preparation of personnel, the efficiency of technology used , research and the acquisition of more reliable methodology in the field of prevention and the reclaiming of polluted land from hydrocarbon.

The logistical position of the operational offices, central in respect to the port area, regional and national, consent to fast and efficient interventions.

The technical section, the head of which is registered at the Ministry of the Environment Sea Defence as experts in the fight against marine pollution for the Adriatic area, is cited in the plan of emergency assistance of the central inspectorate for the defence of the sea.

Furthermore, Servimar has developed new business in the environmental sector for the managing of waste, be it liquid or solid, with proven experience gained by staff.

Continuous refresher courses, drills and study allow for targeted and effective interventions in line with current regulations with absolute reliability.

Servimar: Our society Servimar: Our society

We are able to offer an effective service for the constant improvement and timely and accurate solutions to the problems related to safety in the ports and offshore during the movement of hydrocarbon and other potentially harmful and/or dangerous substance(s).

Moreover, we arrange for personnel who are updated on all the novelty that the market of the sector proposes. We are therefore able to carry out the de-pollution and environmental reclamation whether land or water. We are able to put in safety any type of site at risk of pollution be it a water course, a petrochemical plant, oil well or an offshore water mirror.

Our actions, object of continuous, evolutionary expansion, are obtained thanks to the high moderate innovations. In addition to supplying its main services of fire-prevention and antipollution , also through the companies it is connected with, we also supply a complete package of services, supervising the coordination until completion; some such services are:

  • technical assistance, maintenance and installation management;
  • environmental consultation;
  • reclamation of polluted land;
  • analysis of waste water, gaseous emissions in the atmosphere, urban and industrial waste, waste coming from marine pollution from hydrocarbon;
  • services and consultation for the fight against marine pollution from hydrocarbon and harmful substances;
  • environmental studies and research;
  • underwater works;
  • rigging and ship management;
  • general logistical services.

For each service we make use of:

  • operational headquarters that are structured and organized;
  • vehicles that are authorized to transport solid and waste that can be power shoveled ;
  • vehicles that are authorized to transport liquid waste.


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